Madhusudan Masala


In Our Roots

Founder of Madhusudan Masala

Founder of Madhusudan Masala Mr. Dayaljibhai Vanravan Kotecha, born 5th June 1948 in a small Village near Jamnagar named at Jam-Raval, faced many struggles and obstacles in their journey and now they made huge business empire. In this journey his younger brother Mr. Vijaykumar Vanravan Kotecha, born 17th October 1956 has supported well to achieve this position.

Our Journey

Story of Expansion

In the decade of 1970, local perception was deeply spread that spices are only grinded at home and been used whole year. No one thought that ready spices could be sold and might be used by peoples. In this time founders had decided to cater this field. Without financial support and without any workers, Dayaljibhai and Vijaybhai worked very hard to producing spices. Whole process of procuring of raw spices – grinding – packing in bag – was taking care by both brothers and then they were going shop to shop for selling of spices.

Our Team

Backbone of Company

Without contributions of Mr. Ashokbhai Chandubhai Sonecha and Mr. Jayantilal mohanlal Mehta, MADHUSUDAN MASALA could not get success. Sales Department is entirely looked after by Ashokbhai and. Jentibhai is looked after administrative work of company since 1985. In 1996 Mr. Ashokbhai suggested company to start selling spices in polypack under other brand “MAHARAJA”.

Our Success

Leading Spices Manufacturers

Today MADHUSUDAN MASALA stands with leading spices manufacturers among Gujarat and providing quality spices to their happy customers. To reach this position Our founders struggles very hard by not give up approach and no compromise policy in quality for customer, we are continuously growing our brand.


Miles Stone


Birth of a Legendary Brand

In 1977 founders started business of selling and manufacturing of spices under brand name "DOUBLEHATHI CHHAP MASALA".


Started Own Shop

In 1980 founders had procured shop in legendary GRAIN MARKET of Jamnagar, and started selling of ready spices with brand name "DOUBLEHATHI".


1st Manufacturing Plant

In 1981 founders had set up small spices manufacturing plant at Industrial Area Hapa, near Jamnagar.


Formation of Partnership

In 1982, founders decided to create partnership firm in the name of M/S. MADHUSUDAN AND CO, one of the name of lord shri Krishna.


Visionary Decision for Brand

In 1982, as a long vision of future in spices business and secure their brand, partners were registered their brand “DOUBLEHATHI” with trademark department on dated 30 December 1982, and also got AGMARK certification from quality standards of India.


Started Spices in Polypack

In 1996, launched "DOUBLEHATHI" spices in polypack in various sizes of 50gms to 1 kgs.


Launch of Another Brand

In 1998, launched "MAHARAJA" brand


State of The Art Manufacturing Plant

In 2015 state of the art manufacturing unit started at Industrial Area Hapa, Near Jamnagar. Got HACCP, ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications for factory unit.


Setting Up a Cold Storage

In 2018 cold storage was made for storing of raw spices.